My name is Roger Aycock, and I am a Master Piano Technician and a Registered Piano
Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild. I have been a piano tuner and technician
for 30 years.  Roger's Piano  Shop began  in 1992  in Marietta,  Georgia,  just outside of
Atlanta.  I  started primarily  as a shop for  the piano  dealers in the Atlanta  area.  The
local  dealers  were buying up used  pianos, and they needed someone to prepare them
for  resale in  order to  bring top  dollar. The  salespeople  would try  to sell  these used
pianos  in "as is"  condition  as they  came in,  and the dealer was not able to sell them
for a decent profit.  There was a need for an independent shop where these piano could be taken and properly repaired, cleaned up, and tuned before going onto the sales floor.  Since I was a well known piano tuner and technician in the Atlanta area, the dealers kept urging me to get a shop where they could bring them in for the necessary repairs before the salespeople had a chance to sell them.  This is how Roger's Piano Shop was born.  I struggled to come up with a name for my new little business.  Since all the dealers in the area knew me, I figured they would say something like "take that piano to Roger", or "take this piano over to Roger's shop." So the name Roger's Piano Shop came about pretty naturally.
Since I now had a business, I had to get a business telephone line.  This put me in the phone book, and the next thing I knew, I was getting calls from individuals to tune and repair their pianos.  About this time, the new electronic player systems were becoming popular, and once again, I was urged by the dealers to learn how to install these new systems for them.  I went to Sacramento, CA, and learned how to install the PianoDisc players systems, and then I went to Naples, FL, to learn how to install the Pianomation player systems. 
Soon my little shop was so busy, I had to move from my original location to a bigger shop, and had to actually hire help!  Roger's Piano Shop has grown, thanks to people like you, whose pianos I've restored over the past 22 years.
I love working on pianos and talking to customers about their pianos.  I always welcome customers to call or come by the shop and see the progress on their pianos.  If you are ever in the Atlanta area, please stop by for a visit.

About Us
Roger L. Aycock, RPT

94C Gann Road SW
Marietta, GA  30008
Phone:  770-218-1934
Fax:  770-218-1923