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Here are just some of the antique pianos that we have restored.  We will soon be adding more pictures of upright pianos, grand pianos, and more square grand pianos.  We will also be adding pictures of pianos as they are in various stages of restoration.
This an Emerson Square grand That we restored. The picture on the left is how it looked when it came to us.  The picture on the right is after restoration.  Below are some more pictures of the finished piano..
Steinway Grand Model "O"
Steinway Square Grand
Mathushek Colibri  Square Grand
Krakauer Square Grand

          Steinway Square #1785
Made in 1857, This one of the oldest
known Steinway pianos in existence!

Woodward & Brown Square Grand
The Governor's Piano

This Chickering square #7339, was built in 1847 and belonged to Governor George W. Towns who was Governor of Georgia from 1847 to 1851. The piano was in the Governor's personal home in Talbotton, GA, and was played on by his family.
The piano was discovered in a garage on the property, and had been in there for decades exposed to the weather.  When the piano came to the shop for restoration, it could not stand on its legs.  The piano had to remain on a dolly until the legs could be restored.  The finish was completely gone, and the lid was cracked and broken in to three pieces, and the veneer was missing in a lot of places.  There was a chunk of wood missing out of the front corner and some of the original molding was missing.  The inside of the piano was completely moth-eaten and rodents had made a home in it.
Luckily, most of the original ivory keys were there, and most of the missing pieces were in the piano and we were able to re-use it.
All the woodwork, piano work, and finish work was done in our shop.


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