Restoration Services
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Our restoration services include complete restoration of grand pianos, upright pianos, and square grand pianos.  Square grand pianos are sometimes referred to as box pianos.  Antique piano restoration is our specialty.
We offer a full range of piano restoration services. 
Click on your style piano above to see our services offered for that piano.  We have arrangements with three major nationwide piano moving companies that make it possible for us to have your piano transported to our shop and back to your home safely from anywhere in the country for very reasonable rates.  We even had a square grand piano come to our shop from Hawaii that came to California by boat and was then shipped to our shop in Marietta, GA.  It made it here without any problem! 
We do everything from replacing strings and hammers, to refinishing and new pinblock and soundboard installation.
  Choosing to restore your piano is a big decision and should be done by a competent shop that takes pride and care in their work.  At Roger's Piano Shop, we have dedicated craftsmen that pay attention to details, and we all take pride in our work. We strive for perfection and take great care to restore your piano with as much attention to detail as possible. 
A piano has a lot of moving parts.  There are a lot of parts that are visible from looking down inside the piano, and there are a lot of moving parts that are inside the piano that you cannot see.  We take as much time repairing and replacing these parts that you can't see, as the ones you can see.   We don't just do a cosmetic "face lift" on your piano to make it look pretty. We want it to play as well as it did the day it was on the showroom floor.  This can only be done if every part on the piano is inspected to make sure it is working as it is supposed to. 
We completely disassemble your piano and look at every part and do what is necessary to put it back in proper working order.     
To learn more about what is involved in rebuilding your piano, click on the picture above that corresponds to the kind of piano you have, and it will take you to a page dedicated to that style of piano.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.

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  Square Grands
Things to ask before you sign the contract
Before you sign on the dotted line, there are some legitimate questions you should ask to make sure the rebuilder you chose is the correct choice. We have listed some questions below that should be asked before you sign. Just because you see a nice, pretty and fancy website, does not mean that company is a top notch rebuilder, or that they rebuild pianos at all!  You would be surprised at the companies out ther who advertise restoration and don't know how.  How is this possible?  They take your money and have your piano shipped to their warehouse.  After they collect up enough pianos for a truckload, they ship them off to a wholesale rebuilder who does a cut rate job on you family heirloom piano. The company will pay them with your deposit and collect the balance from you which is their profit for brokering the deal.  You don't get the top quality job that you paid for, and they never even laid hands on your piano.  Some of these cut rate companies are even located across the U.S border.  Do you want your family heirloom antique piano shipped to another country with the possibility of it not being returned?
We hear horror stories like this all the time.  We have a Steinway piano in our shop now that was involved in such a situation.  He chose a high profile internet company to restore his antique Steinway square piano. The piano was sent to a third party shop to have the work done. Problems ensued with both companies and the owner was left to fend for himself to get his piano back.  It took him two years and a lot of detective work to get his piano back (at his expense) and it still did not get finished.  We have it in our shop now to complete the work and get it back to its owner. 
These questions are listed below along with our answers.  If you have any questions, please give us a call.

1.)  How long have you been in business?
        Roger's Piano Shop has been in business in Marietta, GA for 22 years. We are just outside the Atlanta area.
2.) Do you do the work at your shop or do you send it elsewhere to be restored?
      We do the work on your piano right here at our shop in Marietta.
3.)  Why don't you do the work yourself?
      Roger's Piano Shop does all of the work on your piano.
4.)  Can we visit your shop to see our piano in progress?
       Absolutely!  We love to have customers come visit our shop and see their pianos being worked on.  
       Everyone is fascinated to see their piano taken apart.
5.)  Can you send us pictures of our piano while it is in progress?
       We sure can!  This is part of our service at Roger's Piano Shop.  We send you regular updates and pictures of
       your piano as the work progresses.
6.)  May we call and speak to someone about our piano?
       Yes, we are all piano technicians and we will be glad to talk to you about your piano.
7.)  Are you a member of the Piano Technicians Guild?
       Yes, Roger Aycock, owner of Roger's Piano Shop is a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians 
8.)  Can you furnish us with references?
       Yes, we have customer references throughought the United States and Canada, as well as commercial references from
       other piano dealers for whom we have done work.