The Square Piano

Square Grand Restoration

Unstring piano & remove plate
Remove agraffes
Repair bridges
Repair soundboard & ribs
Refinish soundboard
Polish agraffes
Clean bridges & bridge pins
Refinish plate
Buff plate screws 

Restring with Mapes "International Gold" piano wire
Install new custom bass strings
Clean damper levers
Polish damper screws
Re felt damper rail
Re-felt & polish damper wires
Put in new damper felt
Check and repair loose & broken action parts
Install new custom hammers
Repair & clean action
Repair and adjust trapwork
Regulate action
Rebush keys 
Recover keys or clean & buff Ivory

Refinish piano with closed pore lacquer finish 
Replace decal

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The square piano is sometimes referred to as a box brand or a square grand.  Our square piano restoration is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.  The last squares were made around 1890, which means that they are all well over 100 years old!  There are not too many shops around today that still work on these pianos.  We probably restore more square grands than anyone in the United States!  Our standard restoration is very comprehensive and is usually adequate to restore your antique piano to showroom condition. 
We also offer a variety of specialty services such as new soundboard installation, new bridge caps, and player system installations.  We are a factory certified PianoDisc and Pianomation installation facility. 
Square piano action
  (click to enlarge)
        Hear how a square Piano sounds
             We restored this Oliver Ditson Square piano  
             and installed an electronic player system in it
Square Restoration - $12,000.00-16,000.00