The statement above comes directly from the Steinway website.  Our Steinway restoration is very different from other restoration shops.  Most other shops will rebuild a Steinway using a combination of a few original Steinway replacement parts, just enough to say they used Steinway parts, and the rest are from overseas suppliers who market their imitation parts as "Steinway style" parts. The rest of the parts are from various other suppliers. 
If you look around on the internet and some of the auction sites, you will see that "rebuilt" Steinways can be bought at fairly low prices.  The truth is, most of these pianos may not have any original Steinway replacement parts in them at all!  Some say the parts they use are "better" than Steinway.  Steinway did not get the reputaion that they enjoy today by using inferior parts.

      So how do you know we are using original Steinway parts and not imitation or non-Steinway parts?

At the start of our restoration, we record the model and serial number of your piano.  When we order parts for your piano, we give the parts department at Steinway the model and serial number of your piano.  They put this number on the invoice when we order the parts.  All of these invoices are kept in a folder we have designated for your piano.  These invoices are given to you as proof that the parts were actually ordered from Steinway for your piano.  We also provide you with a certificate stating that your piano was rebuilt using all original Steinway parts.
We have a partial list of parts below that are replaced during a proper restoration of your piano.
We invite you to check other restoration shops and those who have "rebuilt" Steinways for sale on various internet sites.  Ask them if they used all original Steinway replacement parts. Use our list and take notes. 

You will be surprised at the answers you will get.  Even some of the biggest companies advertising restorations won't be able to answer yes to all of these parts..  Bottom line is, you probably won't find anyone that will answer "yes" to all of the parts we have listed.  If you don't then you are not getting a properly rebuilt Steinway.  We not only can answer yes, to all of the parts, but we will furnish you with proof they came from Steinway as well!  You are assured you are getting a properly rebuilt piano with the proper parts. If you are interested in having your Steinway rebuilt, give us a call and we will be glad to discuss your piano with you.

                                                                           Parts List

                          Backchecks           Damper felts          Bass Strings       Front rail punchings    
                          Back rail cloth       Pinblock                 Tuning Pins         Hammer shanks & flanges
                          Bushing cloth         Hammer heads      Whippens             Balance rail punchings

                This is by no means a complete list of parts. There are many other parts that go into your piano  
     such as other action felts, puchings, leather, etc, but these are usually the parts where "rebuilders" will   
                                          cut corners and user lesser quality "Steinway Style" parts.




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If it doesn't have 12,116 original Steinway parts, it isn't a Steinway!