Upright Pianos

Standard upright restoration

Disassembly and inspection of piano and piano action
Remove plate and repair loose ribs
Clean, scrape and repair bridges
Repair and refinish soundboard and plate
Thorough cleaning of inside of piano and piano action
Repair broken, worn and missing action parts
Lubricate piano action
New tuning pin bushings
Restring with Mapes "International Gold" piano wire
Install custom made bass strings 
Replacement of backrail felt
Replacement of balance rail punchings
Replacement of front rail punchings
Replacement of hammer heads
Replace bridal straps
Replace damper felts
Recover key tops or clean ivories
Re bush keys
New hammer rail felt
New spring rail felt
Regulate action
Tune to A=440
Refinish case with closed pore laquer finish
Buff hardware & pedals


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We offer two levels of restoration for your upright piano.  Our standard restoration is very comprehensive and will put your piano back in excellent playing condition.  Our premium restoration will include all the steps in our standard restoration, but also includes new action parts.  Action parts include new damper levers, wippens, hammer butts, hammer shanks and new regulating buttons and felts.  Both levels include new hammers and refinishing.

We also offer a variety of specialty services such as new soundboard installation, new bridge caps, and player system installations.  We are a factory certified PianoDisc and Pianomation installation facility. 
Standard Restoration   $6,500.00 - $8,000.00
Premium Restoration   $8,000.00 -$11,000.00
Upright piano Action
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